What happens after my purchase?

Your NFT will be minted as an ERC721 token, and will transfer to your wallet, while your smart contract will provide access to your virtual object to use in any metaverse of your choosing.

The smart contract will also trigger the start of production on your physical rug, which will be woven by hand and delivered within 12-16 weeks.

Your digital assets will be stored on Arweave, the perpetual file storage platform, and your Arweave Tx ID will be attached to the rug in an encoded label, allowing you and any future owners of your rug to have access to the digital asset forever.

How are neuroweave rugs produced?

Our datasets feed tens of thousands of rugs into our machine learning algorithms, which in turn use the brute power of computational AI to create tens of thousands of iterations of a new design and culture.

The heritage and culture of the original designers and weavers is embedded in that dataset and reimagined by the AI into a new culture: both squarely in the present, informed by memory.

Our objects are now encoded with a new cognate symbology that encompasses hundreds of years and places and people in one object.

What about the environment?

Our society is energy and resource hungry, and we feel obligated to have a deeper understanding of our footprint.

We opt for natural, renewable, recyclable, or recycled materials in our physical production and renewable-energy-based infrastructure or carbon offsetting in our digital products and practices.

Our rugs are all made from natural, renewable, recyclable wool and cotton fibers: no artificial or petroleum based fibers.

We are closely monitoring the energy consumption of both our design methods, and our NFT production, and will be providing more information about carbon-offsets or renewable energy blockchain choices. Our current website is hosted on a platform that matches our energy usage with 300% renewable energy.