Design objects for the home and the metaverse

Neuroweave is a brand new design platform that combines digital art with industrial design. By using advanced technology in combination with bespoke production, Neuroweave aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence to enrich our lives.

As a hybrid of digital art, industrial design, and artisanal craftsmanship, every Neuroweave design simultaneously exists in the real world and the metaverse, providing value in every aspect of our cyberphysical lives.

Combining Emotion with Innovation: Human Machine Human Machine Human Machine Human Machine

Coupling advanced technology such as AI and NFT with cultural heritage and artisanship, Neuroweave is offering design objects at the intersection of digital and physical worlds.

Ranging from rugs to furniture, each Neuroweave object is designed and fabricated through human-machine collaboration. Familiar yet hauntingly innovative, Neuroweave design is a unique hybrid of technology and the human touch.

but real

Each object designed by Neuroweave is minted and traded as a truly unique NFT. However, each NFT also equates to a physical design object in the real world.

When a collector purchases a Neuroweave design, they become the sole owner of a unique object that exists both in the physical and digital, simultaneously. Welcome to the cyberphysical world of Neuroweave.


The Neuroweave Genesis Rug Collection

The Neuroweave Rug is one of the first industrial design objects in the world designed through AI. Minted and traded as an NFT, the Neuroweave smart contract will trigger the production of your physical rug upon purchase.

Designed For You And Only You

A New Culture

Our designers handpicked a massive dataset of antique Turkish and Persian rugs to train a generative machine learning algorithm. The heritage and culture of the original weavers is embedded in this dataset and reimagined by AI into a new culture: both squarely in the present while informed by our collective cultural memory and history.

Through engaging in a nuanced collaboration with artificial intelligence, our designers curated the results, tweaked the algorithms based on aesthetic outputs and factored in parameters from artisanal hand weaving techniques to produce truly unique patterns. Thanks to the iterative nature of machine learning, no two rugs in the Neuroweave Genesis Collection are the same.

Made For You And Only You

Paying Our Respect To Master Weavers

Design of Neuroweave Rugs are encoded with a new cognate symbology that encompasses hundreds of years and places and people in one object. So why stop there?

Being a truly bespoke design object, the rugs will be hand-knotted by master weavers in Turkey or India, depending on the proximity of a sustainable supply chain and location of the collector.

The Neuroweave Genesis Rug Collection